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Israelidelicious Tel Aviv Food Guide

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Israelidelicious Tel Aviv Food Guide

I put this food guide together for my out of town guests for my wedding August 2022, it's definitely focused on out of towners but has a great start to must eats in Tel Aviv!

Must Eats

Hummus – Sholomo and Doron $ - Tucked in the Old Yemenite Quarter next to the Carmel Market (Shuk Hacarmel) you can wander to find this family run business. Tons of cool classics and more unusual toppings can be found here. Hummus is best served warm for brunch or lunch!

Falafel – Hakosem (The magician) $ – Yes, it’s the top rated place, and it’s everyone’s favorite, but this time everyone got it right! Great falafel, nice staff, very professional, don’t forget to also get an eggplant! And the pomegranate lemonade!

Sabich – Frishman $ - Sabich is a pita, with tahini, boiled potato, egg, fried eggplant and salads. Might sound weird, but it’s a national dish, very delicious street food, and not to be missed!

Kebab $- Bar Ochel in the shuk for a sit down lunch in the Carmel Market or Jasmino late at night for a standing street pita

Shawarma $$ - Mifgash Rambam is by far my favorite shawarma in Tel Aviv! Chef quality, layered to perfection with a twist! Juicy lamb shawarma, tahini, onions, tomatoes and tzatziki! (I always ask for the shopped up hot green peppers inside as well!)

Small Salads (Salatim) - Old Man and the Sea $$ - Great spot next to the port in Jaffa They bring out unlimited salads and hummus and dips and spreads and breads and lemonade. You can order an entrée and the salads comes with it or order the spread alone for 50 shekels. (If you’re two people I say split an entrée and get salads, sometimes I don’t even think you need an entrée, there will be plenty to eat without)

Shuk HaCarmel (The Carmel Market)

Tel Aviv’s open air market – I suggest exploring from 11:00-12:00 and then sitting down for lunch. If you go on Tuesday or Friday there is an artists market on the parallel street Nachalat Binyamin, but watch out, Friday at the Shuk gets VERY busy, especially during the summer. The shuk also closes at sundown so don’t expect the lunch spots to be open for dinner but the bars will be. (The market is closed Saturday)

Favorite lunch spots inside Shuk Hacarmel:

Hacarmel 40 $$ - The best fish sandwich, so unassuming but you know a sandwich is great when they salt and pepper the tomatoes! Beautiful piece of fresh fish from the fish stand behind served on crispy bread with caramelized onions and the perfect sauces and herbs!

Bar Ochel $$ – Great options for meat eaters and vegetarians alike. I love their kebabs which is served with various grilled veggies served with bread and dips. (My favorite place in the Shuk)

Café Yom Tov $$ - Outdoor and indoor seating, a great Tel Aviv café you can sit right in the middle of all the action. I love their mushroom egg toast and their salads.

M25 $$$ - A classic shipudiah (Meat on Skewer restaurant) Tucked right in the middle of the shuk you can choose your meats and they’ll grill it fresh for you. Try the herb salad or the Arayes (Meat stuffed pita on the grill with tahini and spicy tomato salad)

Levinsky Market

Tel Aviv’s open air spice market

Cafe Levinsky Gazoz - $ - An absolute MUST! Fermented syrups mixed with fresh herbs and fruit and seltzer to make the most refreshing beverage on a hot day! They’re big so if you want to share you can but I’d definitely suggest getting your own!

Garger HaZahav $ - Excellent humus in Levinsky Market, if you haven’t had good humus and a bowl of it scooped with onions yet, try this immediately

Saluf and Sons $$ - Provides a modernisation of traditional Yemenite food. They serve all the classics like meaty stews, creamy hummus, yummy jachnun, and other Yemenite baked goods. I think their malawach is a must!

Yafo/ Jaffa

Beit Kanidorf $$$ - The original home was once owned by my Great Great Great Aunts family! You can read about it at the entrance. Delicious food with awesome vibes.

Ramsess $$ - Fun bar tucked into a corner in Jaffa, not between the flea market area but just a few blocks away. Great outdoor vibes for food and drink!

Cafe Puaa $$ - Cute cafe in the middle of the Jaffa Flee Market. They have a lovely menu and you’ll feel nice and cozy while sitting inside or people watching. And don’t forget to check out their amazing shop next door for local wines, cheeses and tons of fun foodie finds including Israelidelicious spices!

Shaffa Bar $$ - Fun Bar in Jaffa, come for happy hour or late night drinks.

Faruk Bshuk $$ - Another fun foodie option tucked into the middle of all the action. Enjoy a cocktail and a bite to eat!


Bucke $$ - The perfect outdoor brunch spot with a large menu from Israeli classics to American twists. I highly recommend the large sharing board for 2 or the sabich bowl

Tony & Ester $$ - Cute cafe in the middle of Levinsky market serving perfect breakfast and lunches

Lorenz and Mintz $$ - Cute cafe with lovely brunch options, indoor and outdoor seating and it’s kosher


Ouzeria $$ - Wow such delicious vibes and food, Greek inspired. Every single dish I’ve eaten here has been excellent!

Haachim $$ - Delicious food and they just moved to a new huge space. Meats, fish, veggies and sides, definitely get the cauliflower and some of the meat

La Shuk $$ - Really fun restaurant right in the middle of the city, excellent food and drink

Bars with Vibes and Food

Biccicleta $$ - Happy Hour until 7:00pm (until 8 inside) - A perfect garden bar right in the middle of the city. I love the Silly Chilly cocktail and you can actually get pitchers of all the cocktails. The eggplant fries are also very interesting. Usually a bit crowded by peak bar time but you can always call and make a reservation.

The Prince $$ - Happy Hour until 8:00pm (But I recently heard It moved to 7 but I can’t confirm) - A classic rooftop bar in Tel Aviv in the middle of Nachalat Binyamin (the street parallel the shuk) – Great happy hour deal, one drink and one menu item for about 50 shekels. If you get lost finding it, look for the green doors and then follow the creepy stairs. The eggplant fries are a MUST and I actually love both of the buns (minute steak and fish). Honestly all the food is very good.

Bushwick $$$ - Amazing cocktails with a nice outdoor patio. Food is good. Fun thing is they have happy hour everyday including on weekends 17:00-19:00

“Happy Hours” / Dinner

Happy Hours can be amazing in Tel Aviv because at bars they can go until 11 at some places and restaurants can offer deals on drinks and food until 8pm so you can have a perfectly nicely timed dinner for half the price on US hours. Traditional dinner rush in Israel starts around 7:30-8:30pm.

Dalida $$$ - 50% and drink between 5-7pm

Highly recommend the Red pepper and feta Crème Brûlée, the raw zucchini salad is one of my favorites in the city and the seafood pappardelle is truly exceptional. Make a reservation!

Night Kitchen $$$ - 30% off, and 50% off cocktails 6-7pm I love the artichoke, the calamari and the gnocchi, don’t forget the Crème Brûlée lollipops for desserts!

Cicchetti $$ - If you’re feeling bored of Israeli food check out Cicchetti for some nice Italian options. Great happy hour with 30% off the entire menu 5-7pm.

Beit Kandinoff $$$ - 30% off on Food and Drink 5-7pm - Fun fact this building was once owned by very distant cousins of mine! Beautiful interior and the most delicious dishes and cocktails! Small plates and a bit expensive but definitely worth checking out for happy hour!

Sarona Market

If you’re looking for another foodie adventure in Tel Aviv definitely check out Sarona Market! Think of it like the timeout markets with lots of booths, restaurants and different foodie options. There are also a ton of great restaurants in the area!

Claro $$$ - One of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv, perfect for weekend brunch of a lovely dinner. They have an excellent menu and an open kitchen concept.

Whiskey Bar and Museum $$$ - If you love Whiskey then this is your place! With over 1,000 types they have as many flights as you can think of! Go for the Whiskey, stay for the excellent steak

Shuk Hanamal

The Shuk at the Port has a ton of amazing restaurants but on Friday there is a special market with tons of extra foodie options and stalls! Enjoy walking along the water for some bites!

Eyal Shani

Eyal Shani is a household name in Israel. You MUST visit at least one of his restaurants while in Tel Aviv. What makes his food so special? Simple ingredients, cooked perfectly, with a little bit of rock salt.

Miznon $ – His lowest price point – With locations across 5 continents from NYC to Paris you can see why it’s a classic and a favorite – It’s fast casual Pita, and of course his famous cauliflower

Port Said $$– I used to say this was my favorite place in Tel Aviv, they still have great food and amazing vibes but unless you go early (before 19:00) you’ll have a wait for the table, my suggestion is to plan to go early or head to Romano – If you do go to port said you MUST get the green beans and my favorite dish is the liver but since it’s not for everyone I will suggest the slow cooked meat and the roast beef carpaccio. And of COURSE the sweet potato! (MUST)

Romano $$– You can make a reservation online, it’s a sit down Eyal Shani restaurant with amazing vibes and food, get the sweet potato and the green beans to share, the avocado toast is surprisingly delicious and I love the fish skillet. (And of course it’s just upstairs for a Tel Aviv classic Teder, once a radio station, now an entire complex with some of the best pizza in Tel Aviv and amazing vibes!)

North Abraxas $$$ – The next price point up, all the dishes are fabulous and you can’t go wrong, this is always better to bring guests who aren’t looking for a bar space but still want great Eyal Shani food. And the restaurant does get a bit rowdier as the night goes on. Order the sweet potato, the cauliflower, the cabbage, the beans, and anything else you think looks good!

HaSalon $$$$ - The final price point, the most expensive and the best experience I’ve ever had. Only open twice a week with two seatings (and you HAVE to get the later seating AND make a reservation months in advance). The restaurant turns the lights down during the second seating so the restaurant has a dance party. We did the tasting menu and let the food and drinks keep flowing. I did not think the food was anything that you couldn’t have gotten at his other restaurants but the experience of HaSalon was something not to be missed for the hip and trendy Tel Aviv jet setters with money to spare. But watch out, it is not budget friendly

Cheap Drinks

Gugy’s $ – Amazing location, right off of Nachalat Binyamin, crazy bar with a crazier owner, very fun and different and cheap drinks. Watch out though the owner WILL shoot bubble at you and put stickers on your forehead. (There is also a second location on Rothchild Blvd)

Salon Berlin $ – Happy Hour until 22:30pm every day and they are open during the day!

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