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Our Story

Moving to Israel From USA!

It all began with an Instagram account that I made in 2015 to share my love of food with the world. It was the year after I officially moved to Israel, after visiting many times. I couldn't get enough of the food! And although my first two years were spent serving in the army and usually stuck on base, that meant one thing: weekends were for eating. 


For many years, I saw food as more of a passion than a career. When I finished the army, I went to study business at Tel Aviv University – not yet knowing that one day I would combine the two!


After graduating with an MBA, I started a career at an amazing start up where I learned and grew so much. After two amazing years, we were acquired by the largest competitor in our industry, but combined with the impact of COVID they were forced to let go the majority of the  Israel office. 


Like so many others, I was left unemployed in the middle of a truly crazy time. 



Of course, another important realization was haunting an already difficult time: with travel to the US cut off, everyone was going through withdrawals from their favorite specialty spices from specialty stores back home! So, I decided to try to find a helpful solution by making and selling a test batch.


From there, the business exploded!  The people have spoken, and the spices have been demanded. I am so excited to be the one to bring these spices to you! 


Our dedication to our work is reflected through our great products, carefully selected and sorted to make our customers’ cooking experience enjoyable and tasty. Get in touch to learn more about On the Rack by Israelidelicious.

Are we kosher?


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